Notice of changes to Byelaw 1 Trawling

A Trawl Permit is now required for the entire NIFCA district. This includes the outer area (3-6 nautical miles). Vessels must be less than 18.3 metres in overall length.

An exemption is required to trawl within the Specified Area (Coquet to St Mary’s MCZ). Only specified gear operated from a vessel less than 12 metres in overall length are permitted within the Specified Area.

2021 NIFCA Trawl Permit holders can operate as normal unless they wish to trawl within the Specified Area. An exemption will be required (free if a current 2021 Trawl Permit is held). The updated byelaw can be viewed HERE.

The full press release about this can be found here: Press Release – New Trawling Byelaw

If you have any questions, please contact the NIFCA office on 01670 797676.