It is a legal requirement that all trawl, dredge and commercial shellfish permit holders submit monthly return forms at the end of every month. Returns must be submitted when you hold a current permit, even if you have not been fishing. Here is how to make sure your are compliant with this requirement:

1) When are my returns due?

  • Must be submitted at the end of every month during which you hold a valid permit.
  • Even if you have not been fishing you must submit a “nil-return”

2) How do I submit my returns?

Returns can be made by submitting an online or paper return.


Returns can be submitted to the Authority online, either from a computer or from a smart-phone. The links for each of the permit returns are as follows:


Booklets containing the paper forms can be acquired by coming into the NIFCA office in Blyth or by contacting us by phone or email and a member of our team can arrange to send them to you in the post.


To help you manage your returns, we can send out a monthly text/email message. This contains a link to the online system to help you easily access the form or can simply act as a reminder that your return is due. You can select to receive these reminders on your application form OR by contacting the office and providing a valid UK mobile number/email address for the person submitting the returns.

For full details of how we will deal with late or non-submission of returns, please see our Permit Returns policy.