NIFCA Members

The Authority is appointed with 21 members to oversee the running of its remit. Six Councillors are appointed by Northumberland County Council and one Councillor by North Tyneside Council. The MMO appoints eleven members who come from a range of backgrounds relating to the fishing and marine environmental sector. There is also one representative from each of the statutory bodies, the Environment Agency (EA), Natural England (NE) and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The contribution from the membership to the business of the Authority is essential to ensure the use of sea fisheries resources is carried out in a sustainable way and is balanced with the need to protect the marine environment. MMO appointed members give their time voluntarily.

Members contribute to the business of the Authority by attending meetings, reviewing documents (including policy, byelaws and finance) and partaking in discussions/voting on crucial issues regarding fisheries management and conservation in the district. The NIFCA would not be so successful without its membership and we are grateful for all of the contributions they give. 

The full list of members can be viewed in the table below:

Name Appointment type Background
Amelia Henderson, Chair MMO Appointed Member Recreational
Guy Renner-Thomson, Vice Chair Northumberland County Councillor Councillor
Frank Armstrong MMO Appointed Member Commercial, Recreational, Environment
Paul Dent MMO Appointed Member Commercial fisher
Martin Kitching MMO Appointed Members Marine Environment
Steve Lowe MMO Appointed Member Marine Environment
Pip Moore MMO Appointed Member Marine Environment
Ian Thomas MMO Appointed Member Recreational
James Wood MMO Appointed Member Commercial, Recreational, Environment
Michael Nugent MMO Appointed Member Commercial fisher
Liz Dunn Northumberland County Councillor Councillor
Colin Hardy Northumberland County Councillor Councillor
Catherine Seymour Northumberland County Councillor Councillor
Martin Swinbank Northumberland County Councillor Councillor
Alex Wallace Northumberland County Councillor Councillor
Brian Burdis North Tyneside Councillor Councillor
Patrick Gray Environment Agency Representative Statutory body
Stephanie Ingram Marine Management Org Representative Statutory body
Catherine Scott Natural England Representative Statutory body