Informal Public Consultation on NIFCA Legacy Byelaws

As part of the NIFCA Vision and Success Criteria/High Level Objectives, we are required to review all of our legacy byelaws from Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee. That process has now been completed to produce a first draft of a revised package of byelaws which can be found below, together with draft Impact Assessments. In addition, NIFCA made two new byelaws last year to protect Seagrass and prohibit the use of Mobile Fishing Gear in the Berwickshire and North Northumberland Coast Special Area of Conservation and those two byelaws are not part of this review process.

We would welcome views from stakeholders on any aspect of the revision to our byelaws and we will be holding meetings in the district to discuss this in late June/early July (dates and venues will be confirmed on this website).

Updated Revised Legacy Byelaws 28th April 2014

Impact Assessment for Crustacea Conservation Byelaw

Impact Assessment for Fishing Gear and Keep Boxes

Impact Assessment for Fixed Engine Byelaw

Impact Assessment for Permitting

Impact Assessment for Trawling and Dredging Byelaw