Fishing Perspectives on Brexit

The APPG on Fisheries is supporting the compilation of a report that will cover the experiences of members of the UK’s fishing industry in light of Brexit. We are looking to collate responses from various members of the fishing industry (including supply chain, processors, exporters), and would really appreciate your input.

The Secretariat have provided the following prompts:

  • How has Brexit affected your livelihood?

    • Has the turnover of your business changed?

    • Have you found changes in the availability of labour?

    • If you are involved in exports, have you seen any financial or regulatory impact since the start of January?

  • Have any of the impacts been unexpected? If so, which and in what way?

  • What key changes do you want to see to improve or protect your livelihood in the future?

All responses will be anonymised.
Please send responses or any queries to the APPG Secretariat at by 4 January.