Northumberland IFCA (NIFCA) is excited to launch its rod and line shore-based competition in the NIFCA district for its second year! Get out on the coast, cast a line and send us what you catch for your chance to win £500 as well as monthly prizes. Your information will help us understand about the different fish species present in the area. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or someone looking for a new hobby, we’d love to hear from you. Register below!

Why get involved?

NIFCA has limited data about the fish species present in the area at different times of year, which is why we come to you, the anglers, the competition entrants and the locals who get out to enjoy what the sea has to offer.

The aim of our Species Challenge competition is to get to know you, our stakeholders who have a passion for angling. At the same time, we hope to gain a better understanding of the fish species present in our district, increasing our dataset to help evidence species presence and/or absence and distribution in the area and understand how species present change over time. The more we know, the more we can ensure Recreational Sea Angling activity remains a sustainable and fantastic activity for you and future generations!


Annual Prize

To bag the £500 prize money, be the angler who submits the highest number of different fish species this year (end date 31/12/24).

Monthly Prizes

To win a £50 voucher for a fishing tackle shop, be the angler who submits the highest number of fish in a month. There is a maximum of 20 fish per species. For example, if an entrant submits 10 flounder, 5 cod and 25 whiting that will equal 35 points. This will start from 01/02/2024.

How to take part:

Register for your place HERE

Catch a fish from the shore, inside the NIFCA district, take a photograph clearly showing the fish you have caught next to your registration card and then submit this via the QR code (on registration card) or WhatsApp it to 07803 872290.

If using the QR code complete the form and if using the WhatsApp please send a message with the following details:

  • Species (if known)
  • Date caught
  • Fish length
  • Approximate location caught
  • Photograph as above
Other information:

Safety first: When out on the coast, please always remember to consider weather and tide times.

Closing date: Competition will close on 31st December 2024 with winners announced in January 2025.

The full competition rules can be viewed HERE