They would like to hear from people with experience in international and national negotiations and an interest in working with diverse groups of stakeholders. They have said:


“We are looking for people to support a range of activities as we prepare to leave the EU. The Marine and Fisheries team are working to ensure our seas are cleaner, healthier, safer, more productive and biologically diverse. This means protecting and improving the marine environment, both in the UK and internationally, and managing our diverse range of fisheries sustainably. This is a unique and exciting time to be part of Marine and Fisheries. Defra are seeking a wide range of people who have, for example, knowledge of the fishing industry and/or marine environment; experience in international and national negotiations and of working with diverse groups of stakeholders; or who can be innovative in implementing new policies and forging new partnerships. Follow the links below to find out more and to apply. Email Defra at for more information.”


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